Will Humans Ever Live On Mars?

It’s the age old question:  Was there ever life on the planet Mars, and if so, where did it go?

Could we, as humans, find ourselves living on the great red planet?

It’s the most awe striking idea we could have …

And now, it’s more of a reality than ever!

To Live On Mars:  The Future Of Our Race

Watch this astonishing video about what is possible with Mars as a new home planet, and the devastating changes it has gone through over the last thousands of years:

Join us here, at the Mars Live Project for an extensive study of the planet Mars in our preparations to help Humanity live the dream of populating Mars and prolonging human life as we enter the next Millenia to come!

Our mission is to make it easier for the planet Earth to co-exist with humans living on Mars in the future.  Recent sightings of potential life already existing on Mars shows us a brand new perspective of what is really possible if we inhabit the planet.

This was once a very controversial issue, yet is how more possible than we could have ever imagined.

NASA’s Hunt For Life On Mars Speeds Up It’s Course

In our quest to grow into another home, we are seeing a detailed look into the matter of life on Mars by none other than NASA Space Program.

New findings show that there may infact be life on the red planet after all, and thanks to upgrades in technology, the quest to find actual living organisms on the planet mars is more important than ever before.

See what NASA has to say on the subject:

A Message From Our Founder:

“I believe firmly that this is the next step in human evolution and we cannot sit back and watch!  That’s why I built this website – to help spread the word about the up and coming mingling between us here on Earth and the life that may (or may not yet) exist on Mars.  Please take a look around at our growing resources for years to come!” – Dr. Michael Kingston PhD.